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so when are you going to admit you hate black people?


Ah yes, trolls. I’d forgotten you exist. Luckily I have an IP trace on all my social media accounts! And a lovely program that matches IP to a physical address!

Anyone who follows me knows that I am a staunch advocate of equal rights and fairness for all. I lived through slavery. I remember how atrocious it was. I lived through civil rights, and while my area was more liberal than some, it still struggled to come to terms with the notion that for a century it had continued to codify racism via laws like “separate but equal” which was never equal. For the record, I invest a considerable amount of money in local charities whose sole purpose is to assist all POC to get advanced education in science and the arts, with an avenue to college and university scholarships. I speak a plethora of languages. I delight in other cultures and traditions. I could care less what color a human is.

So take your bullshit and carry on.

I think racism is stupid. I also find trolls like you to be a sad and intellectually stunted group, fixated on getting attention at the expense of others. You’re bullies, and if there’s anything I cannot stand, it is an emotionally manipulative bully.

You’re an idiot too, if you think this will get you anywhere, you anonymous coward.

What a complete joke of a human. Like…absolute garbage. Nice shut down

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