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Would you use a Little Free Library if one was in your neighborhood?

Take this quick 5 second survey. And let me know!

I really REALLY need this for class.

Would you be willing to reblog this?  I’m trying to reach 500 people and I’m not that tumblr famous.

I’m now trying to not just beat but decimate the goal of 500 people taking this survey. Why? Because I accidentally outed myself as gender queer in the first week and this girl has been a real queerphobic bitch to me ever since. Well this same girl has been bragging to the class that she has 500 people taking her survey, which is impressive. But I think I can beat that. With help, anyway. So if you are willing to help, not only will this dethrone my arch nemesis, but it will also totally help my grade in this class. So like double win!


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