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“We put ‘gay’ in our magic algorithm bot but we’re backpedaling now so it’s okay”

No they did not. The restricted mode filter is based mostly on “inappropriate” flags that are placed by USERS. Meaning a lot of this was caused by conservatives/homophobes abusing the flagging system and reporting every LGBT video they find.

While the initial outrage was valid, and important to have so YouTube would A) be aware of the problem, and B) be motivated to fix it, now that they are publicly announcing that they were falsely filtered and are working to fix things, there’s no reason to be dicks about it.

see when ppl who have vids with a total of four views and 0 subscribers are getting flagged, i highly doubt its flags by users..

It’s not. Private videos that nobody CAN access are getting flagged, too: https://twitter.com/Rezulux/status/843851351415312384

But hey, this totally made up post with no evidence is being passed around to scream at “Those Dramatic Gays” for overexaggerating and blaming google for “made up things” (ie, exactly what they did, factually, and provably), so…

I love it when people make posts that have the words “Theres no reason to be a dick about it” because like, a large chunk of the time…there’s a reason to be pretty steadfast and pushy, and those people secretly know it. I mean come on…if I see a post that i think is a lot of BS about nothing…what do I do? As a mature adult? What do I do?

Scroll on by.

I don’t stop to tell people not to get their panties in a twist, or stop being dicks. So think twice the next time you feel the need to stop and say something like that to someone, because chances are, you need to shut up instead.

It’s like anything beginning with “I’m not being racist but…” or “I’m not a sexist but…” “…it’s a problem but there’s no need to be a dick about it” really needs to walk the fuck away.

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