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Like…I get you not liking sex in a book but dude…people have sex. And also, that was in like chapter eight or something. Which means you stayed up reading it past the lock point because you thought it was worth reading. But all of a sudden, with a “gay sex act” you’re outty?

Get real. Gay people have sex.

What the devil?

so, wait, does that mean they think that true romance isn’t getting your dick sucked in a tree house? because I could see that being pretty romantic.

I rather thought it was. Took me two reads to comprehend what happened in the scene because not having a penis, I had no idea. Also, many romantic encounters I have overheard have involved “dick-sucking”. I’m sure they had a lovely romantic time while I cringed through my misophomia

10/10 would suck dick/get hypothetical dick sucked in a tree house. Romantic as fuck.

….*browses nurseries for fast growing trees*

I find free houses and forts and sex acts up high very romantic. I don’t understand why someone sucking dick is the opposite of true love. I sure as hell wouldn’t suck a dick if I didn’t REALLY WANT TO and the only reasons I’ve ever had for REALLY WANTING TO has been love.

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