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Like…I get you not liking sex in a book but dude…people have sex. And also, that was in like chapter eight or something. Which means you stayed up reading it past the lock point because you thought it was worth reading. But all of a sudden, with a “gay sex act” you’re outty?

Get real. Gay people have sex.

What the devil?

Str8s are at it again.

It’s as if…this person cannot imagine two teenagers engaging in sexual acts! For shame!

Right? Like I’m trying to imagine what the fuck they were talking about? Like what was it that made them gross out? Like……..you read about them making out. You read about the cross dressing boy. Your read about the date….

All of a sudden oral sex is weird? Especially since I was soooooo careful about how I discuss it. It is meant to be ambiguous, and it is. So like, this person read AGGRESSIVELY, read the WHOLE SCENE, and then left a review that said they’d read the whole book when they didn’t. They’re teenagers for fucks sake. Not talking about sex in a book about sexuality and gender identity would be fake as fuck and not at all address the yearning that a teen feels to have acceptance and physical affection from someone who cares

So my only option is to think…this person clearly doesn’t approve of gay sex?

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