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Reblog if stress has ever made you physically ill.













I want to know if anyone else has this problem.

All the time.



Low-grade fever once

Lupus, probably.

Stress doesn’t cause Crohn’s, but it does affect it. 

A stressful situation is what triggered my first symptoms, leading eventually to a diagnosis.

Lymph nodes swollen so much I ended up with a major fever

Now every time I get stressed, they swell up again 😐

Almost had a heart attack or stroke once because of stress. Don’t fuck around with it man. It can literally kill you.

I grind my teeth to the point my jaw cramps and my teeth feel like the roots are being pulled. Plus palpitations a-hoy! 

Very much so!  My whole body shuts down with a heavy dose of headaches whenever I’m assigned to work a 6th night, to which I counter with a sick day.  And boy, do I need it, the whole day is wasted as I waste away in pain and agony.  All from just thinking about having to work a 6th night.

Stress triggers the immune system. A person truly suffering beneath a large amount of cortisol will feel tires, have minor flu like symptoms, gastrointestinal distress, swollen glands, skin rashes, headaches, etcetera. If this condition becomes chronic or long term, the person will eventually notice other difficulties associated with chronic immune system hyperactivity, like joint pain, organ damage, sleep deprivation, etcetera.

Stress is a real thing, it has a real effect on the body. It induces a medically relevant condition that can progress to pathology.

Please treat stress seriously.

That in mind- some stress is absolutely necessary for many brain and bodily functions. So…moderation and a healthy approach to managing stress is key: systematic thinking, focus, the ability to manage one’s own feelings with regard to response to stimulus, etcetera.

As always, be safe and healthy. Recall that there is a delicate balance between the activity of the mind and the performance of the body.

It can also exacerbate an already pre-existing condition

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