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Monstrous Myths: The Lamia






I thought we might try something a little different this time. I do so dislike proving myself, and think that perhaps it isn’t up to me to demonstrate how human mythologies intertwine and overlap. It seems far better to turn it over to you to hash out. So for the foreseeable future, I will turn this series over to two colleagues of mine: an antrhology student and an artist. Perhaps they can make…

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I wrote a thing, go look at it! Also the person who runs the blog i wrote the thing for is very cool, if you haven’t read his books, do that also. They’re practically free on the Tapas app and worth your time. 

You didn’t just write a thing, you contributed to the long-standing blog of a published author. Be certain that’s how you discuss it when you put it on your resume. Maximal impact!

And also I hope that you agree to do it again, because I am very lazy. Very, very lazy. You’ve no idea how much emotional trauma, and meat products you’ve saved me.

My darling friend simon. You have absolutely no idea how worryingly happy I would be to keep writing this. Muaha. Muahahahaha. Muahahahahahhahahahahhahahaa…..

Laugh maniacally as you please, my dear. Heavens know I’m terribly fond of a good maniacal laugh. Also…the joke is on you, because I am the laziest writer and content creator in the history of the industry. Ask @kristinalmeister who frequently rolls her eyes at me. I assume. Since she types that she is rolling her eyes at me. You have just become the first guest blogger of a lethargic people-eater who is meant to be promoting himself on a weekly basis, but who hasn’t the creativity the universe gave a tub of mayonnaise.

What was that old adage about wishes?

lazy lazy lazy

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