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Healthcare in the US

This is a fucking crime

this is a country built on crime…..

People who say “Everyone has to pay. You should pay. It’s not free. It’s communist to have healthcare” etc etc etc don’t really understand what is happening here. It’s not about your work ethic. It’s not about whether or not you are responsible. It’s about an industry that is making money.

I had two eye surgeries. The total cost was well over half a million dollars. I was charged over $500 for the “paper goods”. That means the gowns we all wore, shoe coverings, the paper on the table, the wiping materials, etc.

Now I get that the doctors and nurses need living wages, but hospitals are businesses. They’re run as businesses. They meet federal regulating standards, but they are private companies. They are trying to make money. They have a board.

I pay almost $1200/month for my health care. That’s 1/10 my income. How many of us would be willing to have a maximum ten percent increase of our taxes for a universal healthcare system? A maximum of 10% so that every human being doesn’t have to pay for these costs when they occur? Do you know what would happen? Not the “death panels” people bitch about. The industry of healthcare would have to be restructured. It would collapse because the government would force companies to compete for lower prices. Just like they do for defense contracts, construction, and all the other companies and private industries they tap for labor or services. Would it lead to substandard care and overworked staf?…….Guys…the same people who work at the hospitals now would still be working there. The same people who get sick and have to go to the hospital without insurance would still be showing up. We’re not suddenly going to be overrun with MORE sick people or staffed with LESS doctors. All it would mean is that the people who are bankrupted or who default on their bills, the people who are run into destitution by costs, would not face that. The government and our tax revenues would absorb that cost. And given what I said above about competition…the costs would be lower.

The whole point of government is to create an alignment between public and private interest. This means that it balances the good of all by somewhat directing the actions of the few and vice versa. There’s a balance here, between ensuring public safety and well-being, and creating “a welfare state”. Having free healthcare doesn’t turn everyone in to lazy bastards. They’d still be out doing their jobs to pay for other things. They just wouldn’t have to sell their house to pay for an accidental injury.

Countries with national healthcare also overlap the higher points on the quality of life spectrum. Are they lazy? Are they destitute? Are their people homeless because of health costs? Is their health care substandard?

Bullshit. The right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Life is chief among those. Life. You bitch about babies being born once a fetus happens…but once that baby is born it apparently doesn’t deserve to keep living a life that is protected by the government we all started and uphold to protect ourselves. Life. Life is a fundamental right. That means health care is a fundamental right, in my book.

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