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So if you wanna know where the US is as a country, Fox News (donnie’s news network of choice) recently made up a Swedish official and had him speak on TV.

Just, y’know, fabricated a member of the Swedish government in order to push their narrative. 

Cuz that’s where we’re at now. 

a source a source a source

this is fucking terrifying

This is something I can’t even process. Well I can but, wtf ?

I speak Swedish, and Swedish media have done their research:
Nils Bildt is a Swedish immigrant to the US, where he has a conviction. He is not a member of the Swedish givernment, he is not employed by the Swedish Miniatries, or in any way known to be an analyst of security issues.
Nils Bildt himself claims that the textual header making him “Swedish Defence and National Security Advisor” was set up by the Fox News editor and he himself had nothing to do with that.

Interesting, isn’t it?

I’m linking the Swedish newspapers who have already responded to this online:

Dagens Nyheter has an article in English: http://www.dn.se/nyheter/varlden/fake-sweden-expert-on-fox-news-has-criminal-convictions-in-us-no-connection-to-swedish-security/

The following are in Swedish:


I’ll sit over here and find it ironic that FOX News had an immigrant who is a convicted criminal speak about crime and immigration. Also, I’m pretty sure it must be some sort of crime to present a person as associated with a foreign government when he isn’t? Fraud?

Actually, this entire current “let’s turn Sweden into a horror story” thing that seems to be going on in the USA would be ridiculous and absurd, except it’s kinda scary. Is Trump and the right “just” building a scary image to legitimize their own anti-immigration policies, or is it at some point going to escalate into armed interventions in an “obviously destabilized country” or something like that?

I honestly don’t know whether to cry or laugh at this whole thing. I remember people here in Sweden reassuring each other after Trump was elected, that “don’t worry, it won’t affect us all that much”. But honestly. The way he seems to have made it one of his goals to shit talk us to the entire world right now is annoying as fuck and also kinda terrifying.

Leave us alone, assholes. It’s your country that needs fucking help.

And in case anyone was still skeptical after the sources above, you can have the Fox News segment in its entirety. There’s no taking this out of context, Fox News just flat out invented a Swedish government official for the sake of their anti-immigration agenda.

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