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Witches plan to curse Trump: We will counter with prayer. – Christian Nationalism







JSYK it’s not like this whole “let’s all curse him with this exact spell on these dates” thing has not gone unnoticed, so you know, incorporate measures against counters, consider rolling your own spells, and there’s always the option of… not going according to the public schedule and organizing some mass work a bit more privately.

Just sayin’!

They’re on to us!

I mean, I know some people on this site think that the fundies don’t believe magic ever works, or if they do, can’t do effective magical countering, but they do actually train in some churches to fight and disable witchcraft and magic and consider their congregations to be “spirit warriors.” It’s an actual path, with real techniques and actual practice put into it, some workings having been developed over the course of years or using centuries-old blessings (that witches consider powerful for their own use.) Since there are always gonna be nuisance spirits around committing acts of malice from time to time, or actual curses by actual witches, they do have things to practice their skills on and see if those skills work. So I’d like to make a note that people out there shouldn’t just write off the opposition’s counters and workings as child’s play, useless, ineffective.

The question of theology I don’t even bother putting into play here. I don’t care what god they claim to represent or what angels they say they’re calling upon and whether that’s legit or not. I regard them as practiced spirit workers coming from a system that has some sturdiness to its architecture, and using the power of numbers and religious fervor to back it up. It’s not impossible to counter or work around, but it’s good to consider as an actual thing that should factor into your work’s construction.

Remember there are also fascist pagans that voted for 45 so, while this site is Christian, not all of the opposing mages will be.

I know my tone was light, but I was mainly reblogging for your added content. I do want people to protect themselves as I would hope they would doing any kinds of curse work. I was raised Nazarene and Methodist. I’ve seen the power of faith and I don’t discount it. 

I actually really liked your reply and was boosting it, I should have written mine differently bc I wasn’t really responding directly to you with a lot of that. I’m a bit overwhelmed by some of the other comments I’ve seen on this issue and was addressing those while I was at it, which is… pretty dang confusing of me, sorry. It’s been a long week for me and I’m also having to clean up troll messages from this post and block a few users.

(BTW on that note: if one of you claim to be commenting as a pro-Trump witch but your entire blog is spammy reblogs for referral profit, you’re a really obvious troll, that’s a pro-tip. If you’re such a powerful witch then put a glamour on your trashy spam blog.)

Where’s Granny Ogg when we need her?

Someone needs to learn when it’s time to bleed.

Witches plan to curse Trump: We will counter with prayer. – Christian Nationalism

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