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Mark my words


People think that evil is the companion of vitriol and rage, but there’s a subtlety to true, hungry, empty wickedness. It never looks or sounds entirely as it should and it has a thousand faces and mouths. Only a few will scream out filth. The rest will whisper in seeming incongruity. You may sever the loudest, but the whispers will double.

Steve Bannon used the term “Economic Nationalism” when discussing the three “buckets” of this administration. The third was deconstructing the administrative state. He admitted that the
nominees to certain departments were there specifically
to destroy said departments. I feel it important to insert some psychological programming that is happening to you, though you may not realize it.

The word “administration”: from ad “to” (see ad-) + ministrare “serve”. To administer means to dispense, to give, to pass out. In the modern tongue, it came to mean “management”, but deep down, you retain that original understanding of the word, and they are leveraging that. They want you to see this as the destruction of the “welfare state” That is why he used that turn of phrase “deconstruct the administrative state”. He and others like him want you to equate the redistribution of your resources, your  taxes, your laws to “entitlement culture”. They want you to see the bureaucracy that has sprung up around the proper management of your state as a fat and lazy villain, rather than a slightly out-of-tune machine that must always be tuned by the vigilance of the people, just as the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants. They want you to want to throw it all away, to put it into their hands to be destroyed, rather than to labor to repair it.

Today “Spicy” told the press that when Trump stated that he wants America to have nuclear arms of enormous quantity, the President was merely expressing his desire for the United States to maintain its “supremacy” on the world stage. Not military strength, not superiority, not strategic control, not might, or force, or power…supremacy.

Next you’ll hear the lauding of the President as the bringer of economic success because of the stock market upswing. Rest assured, this steady climb that began years ago is not prosperity. It is the billowing associating with windbags, all fluffing their bibs and napkins simultaneously as they sit down to the promised banquet of Trump’s deregulation of Industry, reduction of corporate taxation, refusal to close loopholes. It’s the pomp and circumstance that hails the jackals.

As they’ve done all along, they’ll continue to target thought: science, education, diversity. All with a mind on what makes them money. No education without enslavement, no science without industrial application, no diversity without the filter of white privilege and rape culture. No expression without the acknowledgment of conformity – the “We don’t but some do” examination of the world.

With undesirables, everything will be phrased in “Us” and “Them”. The words “Fair”, “sovereignty”, and “advantage” will appear in the context of our burdens and re-framed as a struggle with the entire world. “Justice” will be violent and swift. Every mouthpiece will spew black smoke. Words that sound like accusations in the mouth will come spilling forth: “nasty”, “fake”, “so called”. And then the real mud starts to fly: “enemies”, “terrible”, “disgusting”. Ridicule will tag knowledge. Lechery will haunt femininity. “Sin” and “abomination” will cling to anything that doesn’t collude in ways that meet with one carnal standard. And the ones pulling all the strings will talk of “military supremacy” and “economic nationalism”. The rebranding of hatred and malice, the repurposing of greed into a weapon for the cause of hate.

Pay close attention to the words they use. Make a list. Don’t let those little oddities slip past your waking thoughts, or they will already have you partly infected with their disease.

Mark their words.

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