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i just wanna say that after i saw your cosplay of the mysterious stranger (which was absolutely amazing btw) yesterday i was curious abt who this character was and how they could possibly be so cool yet terrifying and i was absolutely not disappointed. i watched a 5 min clip of that old movie and it was somehow so genuinely bonechillingly disturbing dispite it looking fairly harmless, im still thinkin about it now so thank you for that it was really cool omfg

You’re welcome! As far as I know I’m the only person to build the costume. I really do you suggest taking a look at the website that I had in the link, and looking through all of the mysterious stranger costume building how-to’s because then you get close ups of each piece, and despite me being biased I can actually say they are damn fine.

I made every piece to look as if it’s made out of clay mold it by hand, each piece hand-painted

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