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I think what most cishet people don’t understand is that phobia doesn’t begin and and end with outright hate, and that there are reasons other than literally being in danger that we may not come out.

Like yes, the threat of physical harm, being kicked out of the house, being called slurs, etc. is obviously awful. But a lack of those things doesn’t mean we’re free to be open.

Being told not to say I’m gay in front of children, as if who i am is inappropriate. Being told “oh do you have to flaunt it” when all I do is a say a girl is cute. When the person who got mad at me for “flaunting” it later says “ they’re hot” about some stranger, but this time it’s O.K., since they’re straight. When a friend says “I don’t have anything against The gays, but,” “But I don’t support gay marriages,” “But I don’t like to hang out with them,” “But they creep me out at the gym,” “but I’m always afraid they’ll hit on me,” but, but, but.

All of these things make us realize that, even if someone doesn’t hate us, they’re at the very most only tolerating us. And that’s not the same as acceptance.

I know there are a lot of nuances to being in the LGBT community that I wouldn’t expect cishet people to understand, but y’all could at least try to listen to us. And stop calling us sensitive just because you don’t want to hear what we have to say.


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