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they found the bigfoot


If it were me I’d be so pissed off you’d have to hose me down. Firstly, what was their explanation for why they confiscated someone’s journal? What could she possibly have been doing at that time point on a bus for them to take away her journal? Who the fuck told him that they were allowed to do that? Secondly, if this person read this journal enough to find the swearwords, then they would’ve seen it was a story. What gives them the right to censor her creativity? What gives them the right to tell her that expressing creativity, especially something as creative as finding Bigfoot, is inappropriate for school? I get telling her to leave it at home because it might mean other kids who haven’t been told about those words might see it, but you don’t tell her her creativity is inappropriate. Also….why were they reacting to expletives in context as if the little girl is insane?

Who the fuck are these “educators”?

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