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In this unprecedented time of bigotry, normalized hate and injustice, we must harness the lessons our elders fought and learned for us. It is their power that brought us this far, and it is our duty to fight on. It is by their model that we must let go of the dangerous constraints of masculinity and femininity. If Black boys were allowed to be feminine, we would have cut our contraction rate in half by now. If Black girls wearing pants were more accepted, maybe Sakia Gunn would still be with us. If we allowed Black people to be as beautiful as we are when we come into this world, our trans and nonbinary folks would shine as bright as the rest. And we would all be that much better because of it.

For The Love Of Black Trans Women, Black LGBTQIA Folks Resist | Ace Portis for the Huffington Post 
(via gaywrites)

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