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There’s really only one reason

To have a free country with a closed border.

Think about it. If you want an economy to prosper and you want to have a federal government with a healthy revenue stream, if you want no legal ambiguity, it’s all very simple. You give all newcomers a path to citizenship, as soon as possible. They are then subject to American law, taxation, and no additional funds to deport them are needed. Additionally, the salaries of “real” Americans cannot be undercut with the cheap illegal labor, meaning that employers would have to pay a fair wage. No stress with their homeland and international law. Period.

There’s only one reason to keep them out: hatred and ignorance. Absolute stupidity and racism.

They’re not taking what’s yours, or you’d have the job. They’re getting jobs for which people won’t pay a competitive wage. If wmploers had to pay a housekeeper minimum wage, they’d hire the best qualified, no matter who they were. Crime would plummet because there’d be no fear of reporting crime as it happns. Taxation would be full and complete, and they’d be “contributing” to your society in every way.

So what’s the argument? Aside from “I don’t want THOSE DIFFERENT PEOPLE having what might be mine and possibly being better qualified than me. I don’t want that OTHER making MY country a ghetto.”

Guess what, Fucker, this isn’t your country, and the ghettos of Warsaw were built by the fascists to house Jews, your free country is already a ghetto if it decides to keep new talent and culture out. Your country is a ghetto when you crush those born here and bitch about the ones you won’t let into your home of the brave. It’s already a ghetto when you designate people as “illegal” in this “free country”. Here you are in your war machine, refusing to grant all those who choose to earn citizenship via armed service the right to serve. Your country is a ghetto is you refuse to educate all those who would pay for it, protect those who would die for it, embrace those who cry out for help. Your country is a ghetto, because you are a slum lord.

There is no logic. None.

So don’t fall for it. It’s complete bullshit. And if you wanna step to me, I’ll bring the logic, motherfucker.

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