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I do this because I was blocked, as you can see, and when I attempted to message, noticed that one screen capture of my private conversation with her was posted to her page with a rude retort at the bottom. So to stave off her ridiculous fans from harassing me: here is a larger portion of the exchange, so that ALL I have said is in context.

I did not passive-aggressively speak to her. I spoke to a LARGE group of people and then sent it to her, so that she would know it was also addressed to her.

I did not solicit sexy pictures for prizes. That is a fucking absurdity. I commented on one photographs that she should come participate in our contest. My intent was to encourage my readers. She took one look at my profile and read into it. I apologized for it. Then I was asked questions which I answered. Only to have this person continually tell me I have done things I have not, and that I must find her interesting but am conflicted that she doesn’t fit into my paradigm. Whatever that means.

If you would like further screen captures, I can absolutely provide them. I am tired of being mocked and harassed for simply existing. I am done with it, and if you’d like to watch it happen, be my guest. And go ahead and block me so that I cannot defend myself while actively being a hypocritical narcissist. That is perfectly fine.

“Please leave me alone.”

/blocks so I don’t engage


Fuck off, Simon. You’re as scary and monstrous as a thirty year old trying to pick up teenagers at a vampire LARP. You were fun, and now you’re not, so kindly go play All Flesh Must Be Eaten somewhere else if I’m not important to you.

I have posted the entire transcript in which I repeatedly wished you a farewell and asked you to stop talking to me if I am such an awful person. You blocked me. That is your right. I never block anyone. I advise you not to post pictures of private communications if you don’t like it being done to you

Is it petty? Not to me. I don’t like being accused of things I have not done (things which are offenses for which I won’t kill a man) and then blocked and not allowed to defend myself. Then unblocked when I do so that you may hurl obscenities at me. And then most likely mocked from you page as well.

Petty? This public image that I maintain here (and yes it is an image of me) has a great deal to do with a business venture that pays the salaries of several people I admire and respect. So yes, when I am accused of being a sexual predator, I take it VERY SERIOUSLY.


What the actual flying fuck is this person smoking? Like, I went through the whole convo. Call me a vengeful bitch, but I read the original post she tagged you in, and the other one on her blog about what an asshole you must be. The poem? Even the transcript. And you know what?

It makes no damn sense.

Simon, you did nothing wrong! You apologized for the misunderstanding. You even apologized on behalf of your readers who defended you!!! You never said one rude thing! And this…jerk, keeps fucking going on about how they’re going to be a god and you MUST be fascinated with them? What the shit?

You’re going to be a god? You’re lucky he just called you a narcissist because that’s kinda the least of it. Not everyone who sees you thinks you’re something they wanna fuck. Simon doesn’t even have junk. And you know what, not one god damn thing he said had anything to do with anything but the questions you asked him. The time stamps say that at every single point, after a gap in the conversation, you came back at him with a message. And even one time you kept trying to get him to talk to you “try me” wtf was that? He said good night to you like ten times? He even said that if you thought he was an ass you should block him. But somehow that makes him fascinated with you? Seriously, you have got to be fucking joking right now?

And if we’re all being fucking dooped into an elaborate game, which btw, would be amazingly impressive since I am his editor and have to deal with all his anonymous BS all god damn day, he’s probably some old biddy in a bookstore who drinks tea all day long and leafs through cookbooks or Agatha Christie.

And yeah, saying he tried to get you to give him sexual photographs is bullshit. The pageant wasn’t even his idea and we were all on board to have some fun. He organized it because he’s the thing that brought all of us together, not because he gives a shit. I mean yeah in retrospect he should have done the whole 18+ tag the photos instead of submitting them to him but the darker aspect of that wouldn’t even occur to him. He probably thought he was helping someone be less nervous about it if he posted the photos from his blog. Dude why did you message some random person? Don’t do shit like that ok?

What a fucking joke.

And you’re right Simon, she totally has secondary accounts. I’m calling fucking receipts on that bullshit. Because she actually did say “I didn’t call you a lord of darkness” but um…sweetie, that phrase came from another account in the notes to your first “I’m not into that” post. Meaning you straight up replied to your own account with “I’m so sad for you and sorry you’re dealing with this douche” from your own fucking side blog. What an absolute crock of shit.

Go harass someone who is actually a bad person instead of making a really nice one feel like shit. Huh? Maybe? Like maybe?

What a fucking dip.

I am just like………HUH? Like there is a dude involved in this who actually claims to be a flesh eating ghoul-face and that’s like…the most normal of all the things involved in this. Simon is the best part of all of this. The rest is just…all bad and batshit crazy.

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