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In the spirit of a different contest that was shut down due to some issues, I am hosting the Saucy Tart Contest.

Any of my followers, any of my followers followers, any of anyone’s followers, will be allowed to participate. I’m not the judge, darlings, no, YOU ALL ARE. If you want to participate, submit or send me a picture via tumblr messenger and I will publish it with appropriate commentary. The winner of the contest is the one whoes picture gets the most likes. Only likes count, not reblogs, sorry darlings, but you will be allowed to reblog pictures to get it more likes!

Some of you may be wondering “what IS a saucy tart, really?” Well, lovelies, a saucy tart is a person who is flirtatious, confident, delicious, salacious and altogether attractively flirty. This isn’t about how much you show, it’s about how much personality you radiate. You can be a saucy tart in a clingy black dress or a full business suit, wear as little or as much as you feel comfortable s’long as it is within the confines of the rules listed below.

Since I’m the one doing the contest, now, these are the prizes:

-One tarot card reading on any subject, as many cards as i deem necessary, as complex as necessary.

-A spell written just for you on the topic of your choosing.

-One small bag of skincare products. If the winner does not live in the US, another tarot reading will be substituted.


All pictures must be of you, taken for this contest, taken by you or a friend. Please do not use professional photography equipment, your camera or your phone is preferable.

NO UNDERWEAR, BATHING SUITS OR NUDITY, PLEASE, much as i love pretty people in underwear, let’s keep this PG-13


Any gender, any sexual orientation, any body type. Anyone can be a Saucy Tart

ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE SENT IN BEFORE THE 25th. The winner will be picked on the last day of February.

If you do NOT want your blog associated with your picture and don’t want to be tagged in your saucy portrait, LET ME KNOW IN YOUR MESSAGE TO ME.

All pictures will be tagged “saucy tart contest”. If you decide you no longer wish to participate, i will delete your picture from the tag.

So c’mon all you saucy, saucy people, show off your wonderfulness!

I am IN

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