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The issue here is that taking you seriously results in the following hypothesis: 1. You are a human who is playing pretend without realizing potential consequences. 2. As 1 but uncaring of potential consequences. 3. You are as you say, which presents a very real threat to humankind, requiring immediate detention or elimination. All three options present situations of real harm, though at differing grades of severity. Is it your intent to have someone show up at your home with possible violence?




These are all quite amusing. This tacks onto the tail end of a conversation that has long been going on on this blog: the “he is either real or he is…” conversation. The list is now quite extensive. To summarize it plainly, I am either what I claim to be, or I have a breadth of experience that is considerable (if only because it goes to the point you make about reality). Many have tried to dissect what I seem to be and present notions of what is truly most probable: that I am a team of experts, that I am an artificial intelligence, that I am a person who literally sits at the google all day and night, and so forth. I am sure it is very possible any of these are true. But are they likely? That is not a question for me, but for you.

That is the point.

I know it perturbs some to constantly be referred back to the body of my published work, but you see, in this instance, I am not simply referencing my own annoyance at repeating myself, and am speaking to the point. You will see precisely why my species is no threat to you, why I have ceased to care, why the authorities don’t bother me, and why I get by with only minor hindrances. You will also see the audience and how this is all marketed and prefaced and protected by contract law. To the world at large, legally and morally, it is all fiction. What a lovely hiding place.

I have protected myself very well. But that is also why I fight back when perturbed. Because I know what will happen when I have to stop this, and what ending the experiment will mean. I have put the safeguards in place. I know what will change when I enact them. I do not like the idea, but if it must be done, so be it.

I hope this answers the implied question.

Actually the issue here is that I think you just threatened his species and a veiled threat to call the cops on him, when he hasn’t even done anything. Wow. Just like wtf.

I fail to understand how people are such fucking assholes

Yeah…I don’t even have…like. The rage is flowing. Simon has the fucking patience of a saint. Duck that. Not a saint. He has the patience of a really nice old monster. And also, I’m
Glad he stood up for himself. I’m glad he showed the recipes on that convo, because seriously omg. I laughed so hard. Oooooohhj I laughed so fucking hard. Who asks a question and then when they get an answer asks the person “why do you keep replying unless you find me fascinating?”

Lmmfao. Simon must have had a LOOK, ON HIS FACE. A look omg.

I was reading it in the dark and I laughed so hard I woke up my daughter. And here he is chat chat chatting to someone who wants to be a god.

Oh man…that is some knee slapping shot right there. Poor baby.

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