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Sigh-bear my dude, I caught about ten minutes of a show on TV that said Achilles de Rais burned “hundreds of kids at the stake”.your take on that?




They need to do better research…and possibly stop warping history to fit their narratives

The man was a pedophile who hired a series of con artists to compact with the devil to obtain gold. He wasn’t a demon-worshipping mystic. He also didn’t burn children at the stake. He hung them by the neck, toyed with them, cut them down, stabbed, strangled, and cut them apart while pleasuring himself. Let us be precise and clear about the sorts of atrocities humans commit in the name of pleasure. Apparently sheltering humanity is a “bad idea”. They tend to forget their capabilities.

I won’t argue with ludicrous television producers. If you have a mind to learn the truth, it is there to find. I’ve said my piece on it in my story on the subject. The man was a detestable coward and I would have snapped his neck for the pleasure in it.

You’re still angry you couldn’t off him, Huh? What bugs you more? That you pretended to be a demon, or that the dudes got away with it?

All of it bothers me. All of it. There’s not one moment with regards to the entire affair that didn’t unsettle me. I would have massacred the lot of them if it would have been possible. I got as many as I could.

Yeah…you say that but, I feel like I know you pretty well. It seems to me like it would have been possible. So how come you didn’t track them down? You’re telling me that there wasn’t a single time you could have caught Guilles de Rais by himself? What about that priest? How come you didn’t go after the exiled guy?

And I did do a little bit of research, you know, when you sent it to me. I wanted to make sure I knew the name spellings and stuff. I learned lots of stuff, like that dude said he talked to the demon more than once. Did he make that up for the court, or is it true!

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