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Tried out the camera on my new laptop. It’s a laptop camera, end of story. Lol. I think I’ll stick with my phone for taking pics. Or my actual camera (wherever that may be).

@thehornedwitch not as snazzy as you, but then again, I didn’t really try. Lol. 

@youcantseebutimmakingaface @simonalkenmayer

Now we need to doll you all up and have a fashion shoot

I’d rather stay behind the camera…

Young lady! You are gorgeous! If I had my hands on you and my giant box of makeup and a trunk of clothes…*shakes head*

Have more confidence!

Honestly can that be the next contest?

Dressing up Savi, or just submitting your sauciness tart selfie?

Selfies and whoever gets the most reblogs/likes gets a Simon™ mini makeover kit with like lotion, skin tone matched makeup, perfume, and a cute accessory

Ha! Can men participate?

Anyone can be a Tart, simon. Tartness transcends the concept of gender.

I agree. Having no biological sex makes me a unique judge of this. I simply wanted to make sure that all the ladies were not concerned about the potential involvement of men or other persons.

I am glad these rules don’t include me being the judge.

And also, I feel as if sheer beauty should not be a factor. It should be based on sheer sauciness


Can I get in on this action?

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