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I made the second part and idc I’m still laughing at my own joke


I imagine it would be lovely for humans, as breakdown of Human Growth Hormone production slows sometimes in the early twenties.

I’ve seen commercials going around for something like this, some kind of experimental HGH program marketed towards older people. The possibilities could be concerning…

Hahah I doubt it is blood transfusions

Not the commercials I’ve seen, no, but a few groups have been trying to get human trials for the blood transfusions started

It won’t happen. Not unless a politician decides they no longer wish to age

Then healthy homeless people will go missing while the rich stay looking healthy.

@kristinalmeister has told me this is called a “plot bunny”

When a conversation leads to a sudden idea for a plot and you follow it down a hole into the process of writing it, yup sounds like one to me

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