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About 20%


Of this country is adamant that they support the constitution, but also poll with “Trump should be able to overturn court decisions with which he disagrees”, “Trump shouldn’t divest himself of his companies”, “Trump shouldn’t release his tax returns.”

About 20% of this free society would just love a theocratic dictatorship…


Because they believe that it represents them. Listen to them speak. Go watch Fox News. Before you do, I suggest doing some calming yoga. Then pay close attention to how they speak. If you mean to defeat your enemy, you must let your enemy teach you.

My enemy is teaching me that the best way to destroy their fragile sense of comprehension and solidarity is to demonstrate why they are not represented by this fascist administration. I suggest asking questions.

Eventually they won’t be able to answer. Eventually they will fall silent and into thought. I don’t care if any of them ever apologize to me or admit they have changed their mind. I care that they do. That is the mission.

This is simply my quiet and somewhat distant opinion.

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