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Conservatives have so much fucking nerve talking about how “ENVIRONMENTAL REGULATIONS ARE OUT OF CONTROL” when absolutely no-one feels inconvenienced by them or has ever even encountered them in their personal lives unless they’re the CEO’s of a megaconglomerate bitter that they couldn’t rip up a national park and buy like their fifth house boat

Yeah, it’s literally the Kochs saying “It’s so UNFAIR that when the oil pipelines we own but don’t maintain bust and flood a town with toxic sludge, that WE have to pay to fix it.” and “An employee we forced to clean chemical storage tanks without the proper gear for 15 years developed cancer, and they’re allowed to sue us over it? TYRANNY!!”

How is it never occurred to me to put it like this before?

Myhusband is an environmental toxicologist…

If I told you some of the SHIT they get away with under the current environmental protections……..you’d be screaming for more more more. The Fact is the they are not strong enough, and no one knows what the hell any of the stuff they put into the world actually does. Not even a little bit. And they buy and sell politicians who can be told not to care, which tanks funding for further research. It is fucking sick

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