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in today’s episode of “I ask polite questions to conservatives on Twitter,” you’ll all be thrilled to know that trump-supporting tourists are going to boycott Seattle


[stage whisper] YOU’RE A F-ING RACIST, WILLIAM!


“You Will Argue All Day To Put My Life At Risk,” the courageous and rugged American individualist bravely informed the whiny feminazi snowflake, after enduring 5 whole minutes of polite questioning on Twitter


Other day I agreed with someone else’s tweet and said something like I didn’t like Trump depriving people of Civil Rights. Some Assclown stood up and hits me back with a couple tweets that amounted to “queers need a safe room”

I politely pointed out that this queer wasn’t the one who wanted to ba everybody who doesn’t think or look like me, and that maybe his side was trying to turn the whole country into his safe zone…

He asked me if I even knew what was going on in the world.

I asked him to please tell me what exactly is going on in the world, since he is obviously in the upper echelon of human perception with godlike intuition!

No reply.

And no surprise here.

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