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Casual reminder that the “America is a nation of immigrants” rhetoric 

a) erases Natives and their history 

b) erases African-Americans and the history of the slave trade and 

c) frames European settlers and settlement through a benevolent immigrant perspective instead of a violent colonialist perspective, which is another form of erasure and history revisionism. 

Wow. I literally did not think about it that way. I mean, my family came here in the time right before the civil war as German immigrants, so I always just sort of considered myself an immigrant. But yeah, that’s really completely true. I now feel badly that I ever said anything like that, if I ever did. I hope I didn’t. I’m sure I did, though. Especially when arguing with my immigrant family members about why the borders should stay free. Wow, I really hope that no one was listening who was hurt by that.

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