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It’s a funny story.









My first experience of humor was rather dark, and involved a dead body. No surprise there.

Siege of Kaffa

Recently, I was asked to describe the funniest thing I had ever seen. This is a difficult prospect, as I have seen a great deal and it largely depends upon the onlookers sense of humor.

Dark humor, someone has requested.

Therefore I will tell you the very first story I recall — that of my awakening on this earth (obviously it was not the first time, as my books record, but it is the earliest…

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This got quite a few shrieks of laughter from me. XD Oh my goodness…

I promise you…it is really very true. I must have looked a sight, my eyes and mouth wide in complete astonishment. I was so utterly perplexed and shocked. Why would anyone do such a thing?

Heeeeeehehe this reads like a Blackadder sketch

Few things are funnier than real life.

I find that I rather hope he took a moment to enjoy the view. I have to say, if I was about to die of plague, I don’t imagine I’d be much put off by suddenly finding myself airborne

Well…about that…the eyes were often very affected. He probably had no idea what was happening…which makes it even funnier to me, I am somewhat embarrassed to say.

nah i’m sure it was hilarious. don’t feel embarrassed.

Bring out your dead!

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