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I recently found your blog, and your books. I’m enjoying them, but I’m wondering something. It’s not really a question for you, but I want to ask your readers something. Maybe it’s what you’re basically asking them, but maybe the info might be useful to you some how. idk. So…What would you guys do if this turned out to be a lie? I know a lot of you look like you believe he’s real, and maybe that’s because you took what he says at facevalue, but can you imagine it not being real? What then?


This is the first time iVe ever taken a question not intended for me. This sort of thing has come up before. Perhaps my gentle readers do not mind their repeated participation?

I cannot really step in and duplicate their replies.

it’s completely irrelevant to me. I deal with his work and his personality. He can be whatever he wants to be.

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