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Imagine wanting to spend billions on something so easily circumvented.

I guess lefties think that illegal aliens can walk on water.

Wow, you’re right. There’s a huge flaw in my post, I forgot that humans have no way to get across water. Thanks for pointing that out, I’ll get right on deleting this.

Can I just say that a lot of undocumented immigrants come here by purchasing the services of a “coyote” or a person who finds ways to get groups of people across. As these people are an illegal operation, who extort huge sums of money, who line up trucks and cars and all sorts of things with hidden compartments and all that…let me just say that those coyotes are not going to be daunted by a wall. And boats are just as easy to build or buy as trucks…

And guess what? The coast guard is the least funded branch of service in this country.

You know how I know all this shit? Because I have relatives working for the coast guard, AND relatives who came here via a coyote. They’re citizens now, but they couldn’t get here any other way. But that’s a whole different story.

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