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How are you, a non-Muslim going to tell a Muslim that the reason she wears a hijab is because she’s forced to, then tell her to research it?

White Feminism™

this is some white shit right here, i hope white feminists never open their mouths ever again, but it won’t last long

As a white feminist, I would never say something this fucking stupid and uninformed, because guess what, if you’re not caring for a person the way they need to be cared for, you’re not really caring about them. Feminism is about equal treatment for women. A hijab is there to show deference to god, not about declaring that women are second class citizens. And you know what? Plenty white feminists who are religious do the same thing in their own ways! They wear certain clothes to church or wear hats or they wear less makeup or jewelry or change what they normally wear. So does that one bow to god manifested by their clothing means they are second class citizens? No. so why is that for Muslim women? Jewish women also cover their heads. Indian women cover theirs. Does different- that women display their deference to god in a slightly different way in accordance with their gender- means that such displays are anti-feminist? I mean wtf? Feminism is about letting women be who they want, not making every person wear a drab, colorless garment that is universally awful and non-gender specific. We’re fighting to BE WOMEN, and have that not be an insult. We’re not fighting to be YOUR version of a woman, you dumb…

It’s like they see a scarf and immediately judge someone in this weirdly insidious, subconscious way! I just don’t get it! It’s like, as soon as they decide they need to help people…they just assume everyone needs their help, all help is equal, and that help is universally applied.

It ISN’T. Jesus. I would have punched the poster in the face and told her to look up a few Muslim sources for the purpose of the hijab before daring to tell a Muslim person why she wears one.

I’m frankly pissed off that there are women like this in the feminist movement.

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