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The Young Pope

Okay…I used to do this thing on my website that was all reviews and stuff. I’m gonna restart that. #MeisterReviews

This show is…unspeakably amazing. Why? Literally every scene is crafted to look like a painting. The acting is stunning, and its almost like a really hot bath, where you step in, burn the shit out of your feet, think “Nah, I can make it” and then slowly ease in and turn bright red and say “Oh yeah this is fucking great.”

So let me be specific. It is weird. And what most intrigues me as the show moves on, is that you still don’t know what the hell is actually happening. Is Jude Law, this incredible actor…is he really a malevolent rebirth of the worst the Catholic Church had to offer? Is he really the Catholic equivalent of a right wing extremists? Or is he actually the opposite? Or best yet…is he really a saint?

What is with that fucking kangaroo?

I just…am addicted. I cannot stop thinking about it. I don’t know how they got the permission they got to film, but I swear this show is just gorgeous. And having been in the Vatican, in Rome, around the area. Having been in that crowd to watch the pope speak, it feels so real…and also so larger and brighter than life.

Fandom comparable: I would say that if you are a fan of shows like Sopranos or The Omen, this shit is for you. It is simply amazing.

Cons?: it has so much to it that I’m worried they’re going to run out of shit and finish it in the stupid way, instead of the most hardcore way. I don’t want him to turn it to be a shitty pope. I want him to be machiavellian genius with like…magical powers or some shit. I want the god damn anti-Christ!

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