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My editor’s book



Has appeared on the Tapas app.

I’d like to say something about it, because she has been very helpful to me in a way it is difficult to explain and I want to represent her as she has done me.

The book is a lovely teenage romance and a story of coming out, but not in the way you would expect. “Cinderella Boy” is more than the fairytale. It is a strategic map for withstanding the kind of hatred and institutionalized homophobia that exists in this country. The running theme within it is that of marksmanship and Sun Tsu’s Art of War. It is an emotional love story, with a spine, to me reading like a John Hughes movie put on by a cast of fighting Monks, who sometimes prefer wearing taffeta.

If you identify as non-binary, gender fluid, transgendered, agendered, or androgynous, I recommend it to you. If you were bullied as a child for your sexuality or gender identity, I recommend it. If you need something to give you a hopeful slap on the back, I recommend it.

Please do go to the Tapas app and see about reading Cinderella Boy by Kristina Meister

Hahahaha shoe on the other foot! I have found typos! Shall I message you @kristinalmeister or report them directly to Tapas?

*rubs hands together in wicked pleasure*


This is so nice. Except for the revenge. You take that revenge and…do please message Jessica, because I’m on mobile and its a nightmare for my eyes to go back and forth between the book and the app, and the fucking email.

Who else can say they have a monstrous editor without it being a mean slur?

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