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The Muslim Ban

I’m going to give you some perspective.

My husband is a professor at a university. He has graduate students who work in his lab. One of them in particular, is a very nice and extremely intelligent young man. He comes from Iran, and his family was once quite political in opposition to the current regime. I say once, because the regime killed several of his relatives. He came to the United States because he’s a brilliant young man and he saw that our education could provide him with tremendous advantages. He obtained a student visa via legal means. He has not seen his family in several years. For the first time in that time period of political upheaval and strife, his family was able to obtain the necessary paperwork, and save up for the tickets to come and visit. Several days ago this young man found out that his mother cannot now come to visit him. And can now never go home until his doctorate is obtained.

This young man is our ally. He is what is best about his homeland and our species. His family raised him to be who he is. Now all of them are being punished and deemed worthless. Can you imagine what you would feel if someone told you that your mother was not worth anything? Can you imagine what you would feel to learn that the place EDUCATING YOU does not think you are worth the risk, worth the investment, worth treating like a human being?

My best friend is marrying a Lebanese man. Her sister is married to an Islamic man from Iraq. Half of their family cannot enter the US.

One of my friends made another excellent point the other day: this means that foreign press, like a Swedish reporter who went to the Middle East to document the conditions there, are no longer able to enter the US.

So what are we actually doing? Trump says we are defending our national security. What were actually doing is destroying the lives of young people, students, the elderly, the refugee, turning family is upside down, destroying them, depriving people of information, and essentially GIVING MORE THAN ENOUGH LEVERAGE TO OUR ENEMIES TO RECRUIT.

When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, our enlistment rates jumped. Men waited in lines to join the war effort. You don’t think that ISIS is going to grow, when all it has to do is turn to people who have been treated unfairly and say “You see? This is what they’re like?” I like to think that the people who have applied for asylum or student visas or whatnot are not the sort so easily swayed, but I’m not even talking about them. ISIS has been recruiting young people. What do you think is going to happen when it holds up the plights of those escaping tyranny, and uses them as a banner? People not even connected to the search for asylum will find reason to hate America.

And what can we say to argue with them?

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