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no wonder mommy has to march



honestly sexists can’t even come up with new arguments

I’m reblogging this again bc do the men who made these stupid sexist comics and comments realize how incredibly weak this makes them look..?

I swear, we should all just stop feeding them.

Yeah, like…you are ok not knowing how to do basic human chores? Who does them for you when you’re not with a woman? You do. So do them. I can see a little trad off when you’re the primary breadwinner and have to work a long day, but that in no way means that you have authority, and it certainly doesn’t mean that you get to treat the other person like a maid by just dropping your shit everywhere. Live with your spouse like you would live with a stranger, try it for a few days and see if you can even manage it. And yeah…..DADS don’t babysit their fucking kids. THEY PARENT THEM. If you think it’s ironic that your wife is out equality marching while you have to take care of the kids, then fuck you. If she was doing that all day every day while you got to watch the game and chug beer, you should be ashamed for how weak you are as a person. Parenting means being there as much as possible. All the time, if need be. And if your spouse is the primary care-giver and they have to do something, you don’t bitch and moan. Those are your kids and that is your house. Step it up, just like women have been forced to..oh IDK FOR ALL OF TIME. Women never had it easy, unless they were rich and had servants, and even then, they had entirely different stressful expectations levied on them. Women worked for all of human history, cleaning/cooking/washing/sick bed care/feeding animals/working farms/making clothes/raising the children/BIRTHING the children (while doing all the other stuff)/BURYING their children/obeying all the laws and doctrines applied only to them…ALL while listening to men talk about why women shouldn’t be allowed to think for themselves or govern themselves.

Nobody knows shit about history. Did you know that until only about a century ago, if a woman had property in her name and married, her property went to the man AND EVEN IF HE DIED never returned to her except under VERY specific circumstances? A married woman had no rights whatsoever. During most of European history, it was expected that if you were a female servant in a rich man’s house, he could have his way with you, and there was nothing you could do. And if you got pregnant? You could be dismissed for being morally lax. That’s some fucked up shit.

I hear you say it isn’t that bad anymore and all our problems are fixed so why are we “bitching”. They’re not fixed. Not if there are still assholes like you thinking this way and talking this way. As long as you make these kinds of jokes, nothing is fixed. Stop taking advantage of your female relatives. Stop it. Grow up and handle your own shit!

And ladies, don’t ever let a man tell you that you have to handle his shit for him. Don’t have kids with a man who insists you cook every night or wash his laundry for him. Don’t chain yourself to a man who holds money over your head or belittles you in any way. Just don’t do it. You always have other options.

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