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Nazis are currently organizing and funding a bounty against the famous Nazi puncher. 


If anyone actually knows this guy’s identity, you keep it to your goddamn self because they are going to kill this man.

This is why you keep yourself anonymous. This is why you cover your face. This is why you don’t publish pictures of you engaging in anti-fascist activities on the internet for everyone to see.

These people want you dead, point blank period. Between them and the Feds, you are not safe. This shit is not a game.

I just started a petition to get WeSearchr banned from Twitter. Please click the link here to sign and help keep this man and other people safe.

Boost this petition, WeSearchr should not be a thing

Hey everyone, this is very important please sign if you can. ALSO!!! If you sign it make sure to uncheck the box that says “display my name and comment” if you don’t want your name shared. I highly recommend not sharing your name on this petition. Stay safe everyone

Jesus fucking Christ

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