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They killed my gorgeous tree!

There was a storm last night and one of the main branches fell. It damaged our power line, and supposedly damaged the main pole. So PG&E came and butchered my tree, when my arborist was already on the way to fix it. He got here and just stood there with his mouth open like….“oh holy fucking shit, you butchers.” And now all the canopy leaves are gone…and all that’s left is the large half of the tree that sweeps down hill.

All my shade and my poo poor tree.

And you know what sucks even more? The fuckers won’t even take the branches. So…arborist came today, took big branch. Power company shows up, says they need to cut back tree. Arborist comes back…butchery has already begun….and now arborist gets to come back out to clean up their mess and see if my tree will even survive…

Oh my poor spooky tree….with your silver green leaves and you bark like twisted suede………..


Thanks dudes for the support. It really is sad. And what’s funniest about it is that they were leaving, with all that shit in my yard, and I was like…so you’ve killed my tree and now your just gonna leave it there? And dude was like “well we aren’t allowed to take it away” and I said “THIS IS A HANDICAPPED ACCESIBLE HOUSE! Can you at least move them off the fucking sidewalk so that this blind woman can walk without breaking her neck?” And he looks around and goes “Yeah I guess we could come back and do that.” Like….so fucking help me I will be HAPPY to report your asses to the DOJ. DONT TEMPT ME I’ve done it before.

And he says “if you have a problem you can call our 1-800 number, all chipper-like.

Fuck you buddy

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