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You and I have something very important in common. I too don’t have a gender. I do go by the feminine pronouns though since I was given a feminine body and it’s easier. One less constant battle




Indeed? My principle difficulty is that I also don’t have a sex. As I understand the phrasing, sex refers to biological type, while gender refers to gender identity. I don’t particularly have either so far as I know.

My life would be somewhat easier if I didn’t have a biological type.  Because others seems to think I’m unquestionably a girl.  But alas.  Anyway.  Having girls parts… I put them to good use and gave myself, with my husband who also doesn’t meet gender norms, three biological children.  So there is that.

You remind me of @kristinalmeister

Word. I feel that in my battered but well-used uterus. Fuck the pendulous tits though. Someone cut these fucking things off me.

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