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Sigh-bear, my dude…what’s this I hear about your fan club reading Bestor? And so now we must talk bout this further. I knew you liked science fiction, but now we must talk books! Dune? Right? Am I right? Ender’s Game? I already know you like Burroughs but what about Zelazney? Clarke? Ok wait, Heinlein? Asimov? I NEED the details.


Hello, my dear. Yes we are reading the book. And it is because of you actually. When we talked the other day, and you said the line. It reminded me of the book’s message and I thought, “They need to hear that”.

So to the books. Yes, Dune is nice. I feel as though the only bright moment beyond the first book was Paul losing his sight but gaining sight of all else. Beyond that…well, he has been immortalized for the Litany Against Fear alone.

I have read all the ones you have named. All of them. I was a member of several dime
Novel mail order book clubs. And I also went to and from the library a great deal. I have all the magazines. Most of those authors are pulp, but I am currently re-enjoying This Immortal. I intend to read Demolished Man next.


Okay…so we can debate this all day long! I am so down with your opinion, but I thought Children of Dune was great! After that the dude just kind of lost his beans

So ok, you can’t go from This Immortal to Demolished Man. You have to go to Lords of Light next.

Ok so follow up and all that. I remember finding a bunch of books in the library that were all from like the sixties and like, all having sword wielding men and nubile ladies on the covers, right? Like obviously trying to echo The. Art Ian Chronicles. But now I am going to quiz you, my dude. There was a book I fucking LOVED that I read like fifty times. All I can remember the specifics of was that the hero’s name was Homer, and he was like, in one of those stasis chambers and was woken up in the 3500’s like a human time capsule. What THE HELL was that book called because OMG I NEED IT.

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