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Meet Betsy DeVos, Trump’s pick for Secretary of Education. She funds an institute that wants to bring back child labor and get rid of public education.

did I die on November 8th and go to hell or something?

Anti-vaxxers and child labor, rampant racism and misogyny…all we need are corsets and enforced criminalizes homosexuality and we’re back in the Victorian. Good thing I kept my pocket watch and good waistcoat. I wonder if my old cobbling skills will come in handy.

I own a lot of Victorian dresses for reenactment!

Unfortunately I won’t need them since I plan to die of consumption sometime next week.

I’m fairly certain you’d be thrown into an asylum before Tuberculosis takes you…you can always acquire it there if your heart is set on it.

A girl has a simple dream………of dying of TB.

And you make it so hard.

Coughing up blood and slowly drowning in your own sputum is hardly complete without shock treatment for hysteria. Dream bigger.

These are the most inspiring words I’ve ever read. I’m going to do that all, WHILE a priest is called in to exorcise me.

I’d make sure you got some sort of credit on my gravestone, but it’s doubtful I’ll get a proper funeral.

You’ll be buried in a trench beside the many dead child slaves whose parents sent them to the neighboring orphanage for lack of resources. They also died of consumption. Your grave will be tended by someone like me, scraping through humanity’s delicate underbelly like a ravenous sea urchin. I might even pick off your corpse. Who can say. You probably won’t have much meat on you by that time. But then again, no one will care because you are not a person. You are someone’s property, and since they didn’t feel the need to claim you…you must be worthless.

Humor aside, child labor laws are the literal foundation stone of modern adolescent and childhood. It is the corner stone of the preparedness for higher education. It is the central tenets of a well-informed populace.

Make no mistake, there is a conspiracy being perpetrated against you by a very small power elite to deprive you of the wits and means to question authority. There is a reason. This is not normal. Do not let it happen, and educate your children privately if need be.

Shit got dark real fast…but whoever said truth shines a light was a fucking idiot. Sometimes truth is a deep dark hole you have to scratch your way out of and then backfill so that no one else gets stuck down there with the fucking ravenous tiger of history.

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