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Creature’s Cookbook Official T-Shirt













I am a monster and my work here on Tapas is an experiment with a purpose, but it hardly makes for good science to accidentally eat one’s subjects.

So to that end, please find some way of distinguishing yourself as being a reader rather than a potential meal.

I highly recommend a button, a hat. Perhaps a t-shirt?

Tapas agrees with me and has been kind enough to lend a hand in that regard. Please do, my gentle readers, take a moment to consider their offerings.

What if me and seven other people wear dinner themed shirts? Like “appetizer” or “main course”

I will take it as an invitation.

*starts wearing my Poison sweater* OK.

Are they going to put out other designs?

Yes. It is my understanding that they have several others they are considering.

I am pissed about the not having aprons. I get it, but you need a zazzle account of your own.

And when do you imagine I have the time or inclination to manage that and create the items? I have very little vested interest.

But Simon……….


But Kristina…

*eats brains and loses interest*


Omg can you not see the irony of collecting your own memorabilia and then making antiques out of them? Selling them at some future point for money. Like…you are farming history!

And also I want an apron you brain-munching laze-bag.


Your powers of persuasion are…very colorful.

Thank you.

Why don’t you get a fan to run it?

Creature’s Cookbook Official T-Shirt

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