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I find it ironic, but by no means unusual that a man who called the electoral college a “disaster for a democracy” now leverages it to gain the highest elected office in the land. Be wary of any man who begins an association with you based in irony, oh bastions of the Constitution and the protectors of Liberty. You may come to find that he deals similarly with you.

In case it escapes you, I mean the caucasians who champion his cause.

Dat irony tho

Well, I suppose he also called them all a pack of idiots when he said he would run as a Republican despite his previous associations with the Democratic Party, so I’m sure they’ve already worked through their discomfort with the concept.

I’m still trying to figure out how the fuck they aren’t pissed that a corporate shill is refusing to put his company and financial holdings into a blind trust, and is busy giving his kids WHO WILL RUN THE COMPANY, positions in his transition team. Like…don’t these fucking idiots realize that they’ve voted for a man who may not be the elite of Washington, but was besties with them and besties with the financiers who raped this country? Like…how did he convince them he had nothing to do with the economic crash when he has a financial portfolio so large it includes international holdings. Like wtf? How are you that stupid?

It’s like walking into a snake pit and saying “I don’t like the pit viper, but that black adder looks fucking sWank! And oh, I fucking hate snakes.”

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