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My review of Creature’s Cookbook 2: Monster’s Mise en Place







@simonalkenmayer I gave this five stars, and wrote the following: I cried at least
three times while reading this book, which is definitely a good
thing. This one feels much more personal than the first one, both
because of the subject matter, and because of how much more you seem
to share your emotions. I know you mentioned at one point that your
editor was pushing you to add more emotion, and I’m very glad you
listened. I know you were annoyed with it, but it gave me, one of
your gentle readers, some amazing insight into how you think, and how
you are affected by the world around you. This book sent me on an
emotional wild ride, and I loved every single minute. Yes I was
screaming the whole time, but I still loved it. Honestly, it almost
feels like the first book was a prequel for this book. Seriously,
sequels are almost never as good as the first, but I think this one
was actually better than the first book (which was phenomenal to
begin with). Thank you, Simon, for sharing your life with us!

I am very touched. Thank you.

You are quite welcome. I really enjoyed your book, and I can’t wait for whatever comes next! 🦄💜

I can. Kristina is working on her own publications, so I have some time to breathe before she comes back at my throats like a possessed terrier with a mohawk and a disposition augmented by whatever speed derivatives she’s on.

I take asthma meds jerkface and shitloads of caffeine. Don’t judge me. You send me 200k words a year. I should be at your throat!

I tease. Go eat something. You forget far too often.

Yes, Sigh-mom.

Also, I’m glad you left the nickname in. 😉

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