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I spent two hours yesterday picking leaves off the sidewalk, but the way the dress turned out made it worth it. I basically created an entire character around this dress and now I’m sad that the play that has her doesn’t exist.
(Made for my costume design midterm, half scale mannequin.)

im genuinely considering making a TON of fabric leaves and turning this into LARP garb? it would be So Extra and I wouldn’t even have a LARP to put her in but that’s how I Roll

If there was any sort of changeling LARP at all and you showed up in that everyone would instantly love you.  Also I would legit want to buy something like that.



I could see making cloth leaves out of nice colored prints, and lining each one with a wire “stem” so that the leaves stick out.

Batiks, in fall colors, I should think would be very easily found this time of year.

And they go on sale after thanksgiving.

You next project, my little woodland sprite?

I would do a full ball gown skirt, get some volume with leaves made from chiffon beneath, so that toward the bottom there is movement and a more swept up, dried leaf look. Maybe put a few bright green buds near the neckline for that full body green-dying fade. A nice deep green mask, or a fascinator with flowers.

That sounds charming! To what would you wear this? Surely you wouldn’t accomplish it by Halloween?

Labyrinth of Jareth Ball.

OMG totally. Or Sunday brunch. What the fuck ever. But no, not doable by Halloween.

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