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Tonight’s dinner is “shepherd’s” pie! Made with ground beef instead of lamp, because that’s what I had. The veggies are carrots and green beans, and the potatoes are seasons with butter, milk, and garlic. Seasoned the whole thing with garlic, onion, oregano, and basil.

My husband was rather unsure about it for two reasons. 1. His ex-sister-in-law made this dish once, and it was awful. Of course, she’s a terrible cook, and we have no contact with her anymore. 2. He doesn’t like cooked carrots. At all. But I made sure to chop them really small, so they just give flavor, but no texture. My husband’s verdict: it’s delicious! He went back for seconds, and he loves it. I’ll be making this again!

Thank you @simonalkenmayer for helping me with this dinner! ❤

My great pleasure, but I have a question: has the sister been ostracized BECAUSE she is a terrible cook? If so, I applaud your dedication to eating well.

oh my god @theangriestlittleunicorn I know someone who made this once and couldn’t find the potato masher, so he apparently just…..put the boiled potatoes in the blender???  ?? it ended up shepherds soup. Iconic.

That would work, provided there was no moisture.

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