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I do not like it when












I discover traces of myself I did not know existed.

OMG what now. Please tell me you haven’t had another “delivery”

No. That part of my life is finished, I think. I speak of the last snack.

You know what makes me laugh? The fact that you have fans rabid enough to look the shit you say up on their little wikipedia apps and shit. Like on their train home, going “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god….it’s all true!” and flapping their arms and stuff, and everyone around them is like “This chick is nuts”

I have fans rabid enough to bring me human body parts. This type of research does not surprise me at all.


I gotta admit though, when I read the one about the Great Fire, I was still in London. The very next day after I sent you the edits, I was out with my stroller, walking up and down Cheapside with a fucking 400 year old map on my phone like, “I am gonna find that damn street and walk that SOB”. I had no idea that the houses were built that way, but I found Holborn bridge, you know, and there’s a row of houses there that are still intact, and I was like OMG, they’re so…….not okay for fires.” I also had no clue that there was only one bridge at that time, or that so much of the city was completely destroyed.

I thought you were in Birmingham. But I am glad you got to walk the area. We widened the streets somewhat, and regulations for building made certain that tinier alleys and closes were pressed out, but the footprint is largely the same. Some things shifted a few feet here or there, but largely, everything went back to the way it was, only made out of brick and stone.

I was. You sent it the day I took the train to London. I edited it on the train. Then we hung out for a little bit before flying back.

Went to Pye Corner too. And of course, St. Bart’s. Gave it a wave for you, as requested, though my sister and I went in when we were there in August

I do love that church. What they did to it during the reformation and the revolution broke my heart.

The lady said that like a whole chunk of it got torn down?

Yes. The nave was torn apart when the priory was disbanded.

OMG. See, this is what I’m always thinking when I read what you’ve written. Like we are always saying to ourselves “We can’t hurt that because it’s old”. Didn’t anyone give a damn? I mean, they had older stuff around them all the time, and yet not a single person was like “Oh, you know HISTORY might want to take a look at this.” Didn’t people think about what they left? Didn’t they care at ALL about leaving some of this stuff for us?

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