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This week’s Snack










Will arrive tomorrow morning. Apologies for the one day delay.

I have final edits to do, and @kristinalmeister is a Procrustean wench of the highest order. Apparently, I have not properly addressed my own emotions, and left far too much to the imagination.

I think her imagination should not lay claim to my stoicism.

Don’t blame me for your laziness. Stop playing Pokemon and get to work. It’s due in literally two weeks. As in 14 days.

I am aware of it. Tell them to stop handing me things to do! Namely the art competition. I spent two hours trying to write that yesterday. And what of the Snacks? And we mustn’t forget the obligatory website posts.

Who needs vanquishing when you have publishers?

And who gets to edit all that, and meet with them and say “I don’t know where it is, because he hasn’t sent it to me yet”?

Me. Also, they were supposed to give you a list of contest rules. Why would it take you two hours to write a one paragraph long explanation?

Claws. And annoyance. And hunger. Need I continue?

I do realize my “eccentricities” annoy you and Laurie, but I assure you they are entirely real and absolutely a part of my every day life experience.

I could not think of how to word such a thing. I write about my life. And whenever I deviate into my own musings about general things, or attempt to summarize myself, I am afraid I lack the talent.

Uh huh. Whatever you say, Sigh-bear.

Is it finished? Tell me that at least.

Yes, it is finished, and I will send it along. I cannot fathom why you could not have handled it.

Because I am an editor, Simon, not your ghost writer. We already have enough confusion in that regard.

*makes incoherent sound that both encapsulate acquiescence and annoyance that he is forced to capitulate*

IT’s what you pay me for, and you know, it isn’t as if I don’t have my own shit to do. I’m still trying to get my own stuff edited for Tapas, so please don’t act like you’re the absolute center of my god damn universe.

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