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When to Cast a Spell – By Time of Day







my personal correspondences by time of day, complied form my grimoire.

dawn – breaking curses, beauty and glamour spells. weather and sea spells. magic involving delicate feelings, friendship and forgiveness, budding romance.

morning – fertility, good luck, green/herbal witchcraft. best time to brew potions. intuition and justice. 

noon – wealth and career spells. success and motivation. confidence and courage spells. kitchen magic.

afternoon – the time to gather herbs. communication spells. travel protections. 

evening – psychic protections, peace/balance spells. kitchen spells and pop culture spells

twilight – catalysts, movement and growth. astral travel and divination. love/lust spells. technology witchcraft.

evening – 

curses, hexes, banishment, bindings. space and cosmic magic. dream magic. hedgecraft

midnight – creativity, switching between realms. spirit work, liminal spaces, reaching through the veil.

I recommend pitch dark in the middle of the woods during a rain storm. Put a tub of mustard in your pocket or use a candle laced with chili oil.

And what exactly is that meant to accomplish, Simon?


What about those of us without access to woods?

You will just have to live with the ignominy., but do not be fooled, we are everywhere.

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