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Get ready

goodluck with the rummaging everyone

@simonalkenmayer good thing you have those recipes bc I guess this is my fate.

What fadoodle! I have read the article, and apparently it is because one man believes gay people are possessed and once their agenda is complete, this is the end phase of their “affliction”.

I would like to bring something to the fore for the sake of historical perspective- which I have always found makes things utterly clear almost instantly. Many people know what syphilis is? Well, I was about when it first appeared, and that was an unholy nightmare. Nowadays, it is curable and secondary infection is kept at bay, but in those days, not only was it a death sentence, it was much more disgusting and strong. First, the mouth and genitals of the afflicted would break out into puss filled sores, then these would spread to cover the body, and as the person lost their minds, secondary infection would set in. The skin would rot and drop off, often to the bone. Chunks of blackened meat, slipping off the skull, as they wandered into hospitals or along the streets, moaning incoherently in their pain and insanity, wasting away because they could not eat, and their organs were turning to mush.

Those were, for all intents and purposes, the real zombies.

When it began, the Church labeled it a warning from God to stop whoring and cavorting in carnal pleasures. They claimed that demons were to blame. Brothels and bathhouses were sometimes shut down, but no one really cared. Priests and monks dropped from it too, but that was just God cleaning house. Kings were affected, and people began to ease back on their muttering. Then humanity realized that it was just a disease, like any other disease and could be treated and cured.

I notice that when this happened, all thought of calling it a divine punishment vanished. Then HIV appears, so far uncured, but no longer a death sentence, and people fall in line calling it the Lord’s punishment of homosexuality. Never mind that the population most affected by it are heterosexuals. When it is cured, people will despair of using it as an emblem, I should think.

Nothing much changes with you people. Except for curing diseases, and whatnot. What is true of the cultures of centuries past often manifests in those of today. People will always attempt to control that which they do not understand, undoing their fear by harnessing its power and spreading it to others.

So really, fear is the only disease.

Thank you for bearing with my discursive essay.

I’ll read any essay that starts with the word “fadoodle”

Pardon me, yet another archaic expression @kristinalmeister would make me delete in the interests of communication.

So not true! “Fadoodle” is completely obvious!

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