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Hi! Why did you use the vampire tag for your portrait when you hate being associated with them? Also, I was rereading some of your posts now that I’ve finished your book, and your word choice in “Combustion” seems a bit odd (mostly in reference to Chef). I know you can’t say much because of possible sequels, but I see what you’re doing there (if it actually is something), and I am *very* eager to see more of the Roman.


I tag all of my entries with dozens of monster names and mythological references, as I am intent upon spreading the truth.

With regards to “word choice”, I will tell you what I tell everyone. There is a process to how these works see the light of day. I write entries, sometimes four or five a day. My beleaguered editor, @kristinalmeister then reads through them and determines what may be potentially plot worthy. I have no idea what her idea of plot is, but she seems quite capable. The entries then are labeled as essential or non-essential. Anything non, gets put up on the blog. Anything essential goes into a volume. There are several planned sequels. I have no idea when or how they will appear.

I am surprised my Legionnaire has garnered such attention, but I can tell you that more on him will be revealed.

I hope this answers all your questions.

“Beleaguered” is right. But not because of you. #mommyproblems

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