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I’ve been trying lots of cured meats. One of them was very old. Like 3. And I was trying to remember what I was doing while that paper thin slice of cheese-like deliciosity was being prepped and hung in some Italian meat-cave. Then I remembered one time catching a preview for one of those “dude eats weird food” shows where he was gonna eat a piece off a giant chunk of butter that came out of a bog that was like 10,000 years old. It got me thinking: is there a time limit for food preservation of the conditions are perfect. Like, could we theoretically eat Dino meat of it were found in perfect circumstances. And I know I’m exaggerating because even fermentation and preservation are a kind of decay and that has a timeline and whatnot, but I am curious now.

@simonalkenmayer what’s the oldest thing you’ve ever eaten?

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